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There is only one way to truly convince people you are a winner. Win.

Welcome to BobbyWins

BobbyWins Makes Winners ... We Are Winners

Elite sports book betters know what you know. Success is no accident. Domination in the field of gaming used to be left to articles in magazines sports pages and expert bookies.

Today's Gaming world is based on Big Data. Do you have access to Big Data?

Our mission is to aggregate Big Data and deliver it to you in a simple format.

How it Works

With technology, it is simple.

BobbyWins Texts

This is what a pick looks like. It comes to you as a TEXT 30 minutes before game time.

It comes complete with the industry line number in this brackets.

Example [242].

Gives you the line +115.

Tells you Start Time -Aug 3- 8:05 EST PM.

It’s really that easy. You can get your first picks as soon as tomorrow.

Now What Do You Do?

Go place your bet. That's all.

Try it. Your first 6 picks are FREE.

Once you sign up, if you have any questions just call us at 1-888-400-8211.

How Does Bobby Get His Picks?

It's simple. Bobby has invested an entire lifetime in the industry of sports book betting. His knowledge and experience has been translated into a complex algorithm which scours the data fields of the Internet for the freshest and most complex elements from weather, individual match-ups, true conditions, health of players and of course last minute market fluctuations that help identify statistical mismatches in a given sport.

It's Time You Lived Your Life,
On The Other Side Of The Ropes.
Bobby Perillo

About us

This Is Bobby. He Wins. Now You Do Too.

Bobby Perillo

NOT for Amateurs.

We are not here to teach you how to be a Sports Better.


Our mission is to deliver winning picks as frequently as possible to each player that understands gaming and bankroll winning. Not unlike a hedge fund advisor, we will manage the information. It is your responsibility to make your own plays.

Responsibility to Win

You have a responsibility to utilize the recommendations consistently and faithfully. This is a system based on advanced mathematics and the latest technology for pulling immense amounts of live data from around the world.

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How To Win With Bobby

Are you a 10% budget player or conversely a 300% player? Only you can decide.

Understanding bankroll and consistency is the key to winning. We are playing with a budget starting at several hundred thousand units. You may not be, yet you can still take advantage of our service. If you have a small seasonal budget of 5000 units to bet with, and you see picks being made at 1500 units. You cannot play a full 1,500 units and sustain more than 3 losses in a row. You will be out of business. A small budget like this can work if you decide up front that you have the discipline to play inside the means of your budget. In this case 10% of Bobbywins play budget may be the way to go and playing 150 units is prudent. The key is NOW you must play at the 10% unit level of Bobbywins pick budget for every single pick, every single play during that seasonal budget cycle. Do not decide later that you personally agree with a particular pick because you have an emotional attachment to a team or a "hunch". That will throw off your aggregate results. Remember we are playing to grow our unit bankroll and so should you. Our wins and percentages take into account bankroll and are scaleable.

Do not deviate from your self selected percentage on any individual play.

Pick your budget. Decide your percentage for the long game and make every single play consistently at the level that you have prescribed and enjoy.

Welcome to the most exclusive club of players in Sports Gaming. Take the first step towards becoming a self-made man in the world of winners. Simply click the link below and all we will ask you for is your text number to send you your first 6 picks. Follow the directions and place your bets.

Upsets pay. When you join BobbyWins you will get a disproportionate amount of picks that are against the market and popular thought. This is not by chance. This is mathematics.

Picking unexpected winners pays larger dividends.

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Bobbywins.com data is built on an average performance when played consistently on a seasonal basis. This average includes weeks with both high and low peak statistical anomalies.Our winning percentage is verified by historical data and reviewed on a quarterly basis.