The Science

Rocket science to help you win sports bets!


Bobby Provides Computer Generated Picks

Our winning data is the result of 14+years of sports wagering experience, writing complex rules, running, re-running, testing, and fine tuning the output of these algorithms until we reached a WELL ABOVE AVERAGE winning percentage on a consistent basis. We analyze hundreds of proprietary parameters on a real-time basis to provide our EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBERS with our daily winning sports picks. Like we said... ROCKET SCIENCE.

The Birth of Bobby Wins

Four years ago we determined that we had the early beginnings to a highly effective formula for determining winning selections using our huge database of 14 seasons with full history and information for every major sport. We sifted through those 14 seasons with a fine tooth comb and began architecting and building a high-tech, high-speed, system to analyze hundreds of parameters for hundreds of games in real-time. We are very excited to bring this technology directly to our exclusive subscribers and to enable the tremendous growth of your bankroll in a way you have never experienced before. Let Bobby help you win!

Start Winning NOW!


Bobby P.

The man, the myth, the legend is the namesake and brains behind Bobby Wins. He'll be tweeting occasionally and sending out our weekly scoreboard of the Bobby Wins daily picks via email. Get on board and start winning today.