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Every day we are scouring and scrubbing data to get ourselves and YOU the winners. Remember we are using these picks for our benefit as well so the results you see above reflect how we are doing together. Publishing these picks is one more way stands out from the competition. We have to prove ourselves everyday. Join now and get the same winning picks above delivered to you via text daily!

September 1st - December 20th, 2016:

College Football:
161 wins 138 losses and 5 ties  (53% winning)

NFL Regular and Pre-season (includes August pre-season picks)
118 wins 110 losses 3 ties  (51% Winning)

74.5 wins 54 losses 1 tie  (58% Winning) Season Over

26 wins 12 losses 1 tie  (67% Winning)

4.25 wins and 5 losses (46% Winning)

College BB
21 wins and 21 losses  1 push (50% Winning)

TOTALS:  383.75 Wins 319 losses 11 ties (54% winning)

What is the Bobby Wins Secret Sauce?

In any form of gambling it is tempting to press a winning streak or to chase losses. Playing with patience and dedication to results is the only way to beat the sports book in the long term. Bobby Wins will provide you with daily picks that allow you to be patient, to be dedicated and allow you to win long term! If you’re wondering whether or not we would give you information that we ourselves do not trust and bet, wonder no more. WE BET EVERY GAME we give to our clients, and we put our money where our mouth is! Bobby Wins can help you avoid the typical pitfalls that plague the modern sports bettor. Our proven system for long term results is based upon a complex group of calculations designed to give our EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBERS the most favorable opportunity to win. Our success is based on a strong foundation of data analysis and algorithms that aggregate the tremendous amount of data we have collected over the past 14+years. Fully trusting and making all decisions/plays based on the results of our statistical analysis and the output of our algorithms is the secret of our success…the SECRET SAUCE!

What do you bet?

Our algorithm will typically provide you with 20-30 picks per week and ALL GAMES ARE TO BE BET EQUALLY. If you are a $100 per game bettor, you MUST bet $100 on every pick we provide to maintain the extremely high winning percentage we are providing with this service. We have spent years developing and fine tuning these guidelines and they have proven to be very profitable. Our system is so precisely balanced that, given a client does not change or add to any of our selections and bet recommendations, it is almost MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to go broke! Best of all, we will show you EXACTLY how we have won each week by giving the general public full view of our selections on twitter @BobbyPWins each day. We’ll also send you a weekly scoreboard of our totals when you subscribe to Bobby’s Email Family free of charge. This is unprecedented. We really have nothing to hide.

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The man, the myth, the legend is the namesake and brains behind Bobby Wins. He'll be tweeting occasionally and sending out our weekly scoreboard of the Bobby Wins daily picks via email. Get on board and start winning today.

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