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Get your Bobby Wins sports betting questions answered.

How does Bobby Wins determine their daily picks?

Our winning data is the result of 14+years of sports wagering experience, writing complex rules, running, re-running, testing, and fine tuning the output of these algorithms until we reached a WELL ABOVE AVERAGE winning percentage on a consistent basis. We analyze hundreds of proprietary parameters to provide our EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBERS with our daily winning sports picks.

Why are many of the picks UNDERDOGS?

One of the critical factors behind Bobby Wins success is accurately selecting and betting underdogs. Sports and sports betting thrive on the entertainment value found in an unexpected underdog victory. Our algorithms find key situations in which an underdog goes overlooked by the betting public, and Bobby Wins routinely capitalizes on these unexpected victories.

How many picks are provided by Bobby Wins each day?

Our algorithms will provide you with approximately 100 picks per month (20-30 per week). Depending on what Bobby's algorithm provides, some days there may be up to 12 picks and some days there may be none (0) dependent on the parameters of any given game and day. WE ONLY PROVIDE YOU WITH THE BEST POSSIBLE PICKS!

How much am I supposed to wager on Bobby Wins picks?

In the Bobby Wins System each pick is valued as equal (one unit) and YOU MUST WAGER THE SAME AMOUNT ON EACH PICK! We encourage our exclusive subscribers to invest in, not gamble on, the games we pick, spreading risk over a larger number of games. This allows for the goal-line fumbles, the point guard dribbling the ball off his foot, the blown save, and the ricochet goals that sink high risk sports Gamblers season after season. Using the betting advice we provide, bettors can see consistent, reliable information every day of the year, leading to stable profits and pursuant supplementary income.

How do I receive my Bobby Wins picks?

Bobby Wins exclusive subscribers will be provided our daily picks VIA TEXT MESSAGE from 623-688-1919 and may receive up to 30 texts per week. Please remember that standard text messaging rates apply.

How much does a Bobby Wins Membership cost?

Purchase the "ALL-IN Membership" for $349.00/month and can get picks from ALL sports including NCAA and NFL football. For $149.00/month, the "Full-House Membership" gives you picks for all sports excluding NCAA and NFL football.

Will my Bobby Wins Subscription automatically renew?

Yes, your Bobby Wins Subscription will automatically renew unless canceled prior to the automatic renewal date. Once you sign up for a subscription, you can rest assured that your access to Bobby Wins picks will not be lost, and you won’t have to hassle with renewal options or additional credit card processing. Our system will handle this for you privately and securely.

How do I cancel my Bobby Wins Subscription?

While we don't anticipate the need for cancellations, our Bobby Wins subscribers can cancel their subscriptions at any time by clicking on the “My Account” tab at the top right of the website and scrolling down to “Manage Subscription” section. Once on the Manage Subscription page, simply click on the Cancel Subscription button. Canceled Subscriptions will not receive a refund, but you will continue to be provided Bobby Wins picks for the duration of your subscription period. You will not be automatically renewed once you have canceled your Bobby Wins Subscription.

If I have an issue with my Bobby Wins Subscription or an error in my billing statement who should I contact?

Bobby Wins makes every effort possible to minimize the risk of any errors. However, should you have an issue with either your subscription or billing statement, please email us at


Bobby P.

The man, the myth, the legend is the namesake and brains behind Bobby Wins. He'll be tweeting occasionally and sending out our weekly scoreboard of the Bobby Wins daily picks via email. Get on board and start winning today.

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